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Jack's by the Tracks is proud to host and showcase so many talented local musicians and artists!

We have limited booking availability and we recognize there is so much talent out there. We do receive an overwhelming amount of inquiries and we do our best to accommodate the demand of our audience as well as bring in as many fresh acts with a mix of seasoned acts throughout our year.
We are so glad you are interested in playing at our place, and while we are collecting information for bookings, an inquiry is NOT a guaranteed booking. Bookings will be done according to availability, crowd demand, and other factors that are not based upon personal decisions. We truly love and appreciate your interest and encourage you to leave your information. If you submit your information, it will be filed and taken into consideration and we will reach out as necessary.

Inquiring frequently and repetitively does not increase your chances of being booked. 


Thanks for your submission! Our team will reach out when and if we have availability to book your band. Following up is not necessary. Please be patient and understand that we reach out to bands as needed fill in our calendar and if you have not heard from us, please do not take it personally. We assure you we are working on bookings that work for both parties and the establishment.

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